Fairy Fiction

I’ve seen pretty much all that I had to see in the streets of Tehran. The streets of Tehran make me sick and drive me right to the verge of madness and paranoia. They fill my gloomy evenings with a high dose of emptiness and bring something so dark to my little soul; a thing so suffocating which even my great soul cannot bare!

The afternoon and mornings used to be very different, but now even the sunlit streets have something of the same matter. There’s just something in the air that kills and leaves hopeless your heart. The light is empty and bitter as well.

I used to walk in these streets, among these trees and be filled with joy and laughter; I would experience love and bliss right under these rays and under this very moon and all the blurry stars; but today none is left around the corner to hold on to. No love is sensed; only lack and bitter sorrow; only pain and lovelessness. No smiles but only sighs.

People’s souls are filled with hatred, deprived of any love; thirsty for few drops of joy at hand. And all we really want is a single moment of happiness; only a feeling moment of joy. All we really long for is a true love’s kiss, like that of the fairy tales; the one we always make fun of; the one that belongs in the tales in big fat books.

Yes, we are all after a happy ending or in our case a happy beginning. Nothing has even begun yet. All we want has ceased to be. If you really think, we need a sad ending In fact, so that a happy beginning might follow and make our ever-after happiness possible.

It’s time to give , it’s time to love, it’s time to open your heart and really REALLY live! Just say the words and write your very own happily ever after and remember:

On the move, the sensations are always the same; the sounds might be new but the rhythm is the same. Your truest confusions will always strike in their most real fashion and they will challenge you. And then there’s love. And then there’s your happily ever after.

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