A zesty green aroma has been blown this way; or rather it has blown towards us today.

It has a certain hint of eternally fresh and yet it seems it won’t be here for long.

You take it all in and embrace its being and wish to keep it all within and yet it won’t be possible to be with it and stay within.

It’s a current of life, a stream of living, a blissful kiss of summer which smells of life, of fresh, cut grass and zesty sky-blue weather.

It flows and goes and does not stand for you and me to move; and tells us just that there is life and life is there to stay.

A garden of greenery, an orchard of wild fusion, a melody fading in and out of us where golden greens never wither and die and only linger a mournful memory; and everlasting pain.

Living in a world of dreams has always been the first instinct and it has been but a way of life.

Now though, life has spoken and it talks of something real;

It talks of now and yesterday but only points out to what’s to come;

It puts today on a pedestal and looks backward at times.

It asks you oh so vividly to say and feel and just be real and come back to reality;

To steer out of the world of dreams;

If even for a century!

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