too good to be true

As children, we always learn to be playful yet careful. As adults, we care so much that we get forgetful; we play less and less until we get hateful and then we long to be a child. But then we’ve grown so much so to speak.

As children we have friends, plenty of them. As adults we seek for only a few and perhaps are finally left with none. We get rid of all those who really care and remain with a bunch of good-for-nothings.

We also, as children, are always wishful, living in a colorful world so full of possibilities and yet when we grow up, few possibilities shape our everyday life and our universe melts into one or two options: a rock and a hard place.

As kids, we love, we just love to love and be. Then we grow up and only learn all about hate and eventually learn only how to love hatred; we seek love, that’s for sure, but while we’re on it, we’ll do plenty of hating here and there.

As children we like to grow up, for all it’s cracked up to be. And then we grow and become adults and all we see, while we look back, is a kid who has got lost in the way, so pure, so innocent, so full of life and all it has to offer; a lost, wounded little child deprived of all its liveliness and joy, trying to be but just a child.

We get lost. We have indeed got lost. And the rain is calling on us today. To tell us with its flickering sound on the window, that it’s still there; it’s still the rain. It falls down just as it always used to. It still is the only company when no one’s there to care.

There is something familiar in the air when the rain is pouring down. In a very idle gloomy evening, something familiar is in the air. It’s the rain. Here, to tell us once more that it’s here. Just like the old days when we’d sit alone to play. When we were children and had no cares in the world.

It’s as if I’m sitting with my toys around me while I hear the rain. It’s as if time has stood in that very moment and has never moved away. The rain has poured and is still. And I’m just here to play. To play and hear the rain fall down until it comes the day.

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