The Becoming

There is something of a mystery in your eyes when I look at them and into them; and that’s when I realize time and again that perhaps I love you. This something of a mystery, in your eyes, is something that deprives all control of me and makes me be something that I’m not; whatever it is that you want me to be. It makes me be perhaps nothing or something between the lines of nothingness.  It makes my life but only one thing, a single duty, a devotion; all of just loving you; Of only giving you and make u satisfied.

There’s a pleasure in the leisure of satisfaction and giving love. There’s a sweet pain of pleasure in our pleasure in pain of lovemaking and luscious lust; our misty, lustrous, sultry passion; all the way to the edge of desire.

In the mystery of the eyes, there are no words or circumstances; there’s only an obvious joy that makes us complete through one another; you as the one who seeks pleasure and I as the one who’s dying to give and give and take none. And perhaps my pleasure is what I take from this, a part, so divine that only I’d see and I’d feel and this is no selfishness; but only is divinity.

Your skin and flesh is my desire and your sweet aroma takes me higher to that place where I become so powerful and so full of love that I simply brim over with all the love and only add more and more to your desire, to your burning fire and take you somewhere even higher.

Even when I talk of it, it simply has to turn into poetry; the world must rhyme and be in harmony. They only reflect a fracture of it tough, let’s not forget.

If I could, if time would let me, I’d look for all those mysteries in the eyes of every single lover, just to get there and share this passion, this guilty pleasure of desire and glorious lovemaking. I’d reach to the top of the mountains of love and make all the love in the world just to fulfill every single mystery and be left with none. I’d empty myself of all the hatred and all the love in the cosmos just to have given it all and have been left with but a single flicker of light; a teeny tiny star.

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