All for a single sultry moment

If not, then all for just a few sultry seconds

But are a few sultry moments worth this solitude that follows?

It depends on a few things

On your character and a few more things within

The things that you can or cannot change or wish to keep sacred

Sacred or clean is the key

Not to get dirty is supposedly all that has mattered

And then when it was time to get dirty, things suddenly shattered

You thought you were sure

If only about this very single matter at hand

And then, in those few lonely seconds you got it all figured & settled

You went through with it

Just as ever and even a bit more wilder in fact

It was hot while it was and then it wasn’t no more, it was just not there

It got lost and so did you

In only a few seconds, as soon as you had felt it

You just saw wrong from then on and all was slimy and dirty, all scattered

You could’ve died right after

You must’ve done a little bit inside at least

For what you did was just pure evil and all has gone to waste right now

You though you knew about the rules

But then you played the dirty game and had to pay the price

Defeat was real, the mind in pain, the body so tender and cold, so dead inside

It was in fact a moment, a very tiny moment

When perhaps for the very first time you discovered a big thing

That your game was a different one and not one of filthy matters but one of sultry matter

3 thoughts on “Sultry

    1. Hey Jingle!!
      how are you? I’m happy you like it. but the thing is, i’ve been awfully busy with work and i was thinking that even if i would find the time to come and post new posts on WordPress and for the rallies, i wouldn’t find any time to read others’ works and give feedback. therefore i decided not to participate in anything for a while, because it wouldn’t make me feel so good to just upload posts and only RECEEIVE feedback. so this is just to let you know.
      thanks for all the support, all along the way 🙂 always appreciate everything you have done!

      Bliss ~

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