Well obviously it’s a very difficult issue, right? How can we be sure of it? We haven’t been dead yet; and neither have we been conscious after being dead to realized where we have travelled and whose physical body has been our destination. So then, we can never be certain of it.

And also there’s this theory which states: in comparison with five thousand years ago, the population of earth has been multiplied by hundreds, then, the theory argues, how is it possible that the same number of souls have multiplied if they actually have been incarnated. It’s a logical theory indeed; you have to give it some credit.

First, shouldn’t we define death in order to even start talking about incarnation? Or perhaps even define soul? What is death? IS there a soul?

American Heritage dictionary defines death as: the act of dying or state of being dead; termination of life.

It’s not so much enlightening, so then you go and look up the word dead:

No longer alive, lacking feeling; unresponsive, weary and worn out.

And perhaps this sheds a little more light. At least to me it does.

So if you were to get all unresponsive, weary. If you felt like, all of a sudden you were worn out and you simply lacked feeling in places, then you’d know you were experiencing something between the lines of dying and death.

then you have the option of getting real scared; ironically scared to death! And of course there’s the option of moving forward; right into darkness or perhaps a light of some kind.

A little while after that, you’d eventually open your eyes and all will be different. All will be new, you’d be starting afresh. you’d feel differently and would have this zest for life.

Of course, later you’d need some of the old feelings to cling to, some of the familiarities, good or bad, pleasant or filthy. That all depends on you, it’s all up to you, what you wanna bring back to your new life and what you wanna keep fresh. You are the source. You are new. This is a new life. The days never start the same and neither do they end the same. New days are here just as the old days have died. In fact there is no death taking place between day and night.

Today’s a new day. This is a new feeling. Life is new, here to stay; Even if through reincarnation.

Life is everything that you don’t want it to be, so that you can discover what you really want in life.

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