Melting Memory, Captured

On that short trip, or I guess it was a long journey, not quite sure about that, I entered the waiting lounge and realized I didn’t have my cell phone though I had to make a very urgent phone call; Now to whom and concerning what I do not recall. I never do this but I really had to make the phone call you see, so I just asked the first person I saw for their cell phone. It was a man, sitting, reading something, looking down. I did not even look at him for I was so in a hurry to make the call and proceed. When I asked him for his phone, he looked rather reluctant and well obviously not so happy for the inconvenience. He gave me the phone regardless.

I made the call which turned out to be a very lengthy one to my surprise; I do not remember the conversation whatsoever! I just remember that it was one of significant length. By the time I was done and wanted to return to the stranger and hand him his phone I suddenly realized I did not have the phone! Now, with which or whose phone I was talking before, I don’t know. It was just a terrifying sensation. I didn’t have the man’s phone with me and now I was to return to him and say…

I said: “I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened, I just…”

Halfway through my sentence he looked up, supposedly thinking that I was some kind of a thief or something trying to steal his phone oh so skillfully and he attacked me. He came close and got hold of my collar and said…

Well he was about to say something, shout or something when we suddenly made eye contact. There was pure silence. The world just stopped.

I looked into his eyes, which lacked a certain kind of interest you’d usually hope for in such circumstances, if ever! But in mine, he could see pure interest, a raw passion and a forsaken desire of some kind. There was this heat which could not have been denied. He was very beautiful. He looked like a lion or something, so wild. I told him so and I guess that did the trick, so to speak.

He started kissing me and was so passionate in doing so. He was kissing all over me as if he had in this very moment found what he had been after for such a long time. He held me and kissed me and I was just still, just speechless and so thirsty for all this love and passion. You can perhaps call it love making; but for sure it was something even more than that. Something much more divine that I had always dreamt of and had never felt or known.

A few strangers were sitting around the waiting lounge which by now seemed like a living room for some reason I would never come to understand. Aware of their presence at this point, I was starting to feel a little bit embarrassed and rather shy. I have no idea what was keeping me from not feeling so beforehand but anyways, I just kept on doing it, not caring I mean.

You have to admit, when you’re experiencing a love this pure, a moment so full of passion how can you possibly let go if even for a fracture of a moment? But somewhere along the moment, it all stopped.

It ended and then we were back to reality I suppose. As if I was late and had to go somewhere (maybe family) and so I started putting my clothes on. When I was all set to go I suddenly remembered something: his cell phone!

I knew I had to find it and return it to him regardless of all that had occurred. And somehow, I knew that it would only be possible for me to find it when I had personally made peace with the whole thing and when some real communication had taken place. It’s funny really; I was so determined to find the cell phone and when I finally did, it was in the most impossible place; I have NO idea how it had got there. It was inside one of the kitchen cabinets!!

So I gave him the cell phone and it was as if NOTHING divine had happened just a few minutes prior to this. I gave him the phone, said goodbye and left.

His cell phone looked rather weird. It looked like a remote control. It was glossy and white.I was amazed by it but said none. Was his cell phone some kind of symbol?

It left me with an ambiguity. Two sensations. Two readings. Duality. One, inside my head and one on the outside world. I just don’t know which one’s where; I mean where’s out and where’s in?

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