Love it when Truth gets Real Rough

A perverted mind: a mind that’s sick. Even a good personality cannot save it. there may be so much love inside, but a stained heart shall forever be stained. this dirt shan’t be washed off with ease. it’s a matter of heart and soul; not only good intentions  and a “nice” character.

A sick mind, stays perverted forever more; the soul of this mind feeds on its malice contemplations forever and more. the urge to do the dirty stuff and considering it okay shall always be considered as sick and perverted and never okay. It’s a stain; Forever there; Ever conspicuous! like a spaghetti stain on a very white linen shirt.

And where this stain is, love can never be. Love can never live in this perversion. What lives there, you ask?

Why all the hassle

pleasure, pleasure and pain

shame mingled with dare

growth for a second

then failure and despair

being lost, confusion

at its very very best

manifest of the errors

stupidity in its glory

idiocy at its prime!

and it’s recurring just to top it off. it’s never ending; life gone mad. it’s darkness with shades of gray. you try to immediately grasp for some air; but soon you scorn in awe of what this is. you delve in shame in bitter moment. you swear, you cry, you wither.

It’s a part of you; it’s a morsel of the soul. the mind’s only a catalyst in this case. judgments are gone. guilt and conscience too. it’s just a taste; a dirty one. one filled with excitement, with thrill. with many tastes of the forbidden fruit. Yummmy!

Something flows inside

Something thrusts deep inside

Penetrates, rubs against

Damages and scratches

And yet gives pleasure

You want it to stop

And yet you don’t

The pleasure is just

Too much to Let Go

2 thoughts on “Love it when Truth gets Real Rough

  1. Wow …
    Sina , I was waiting for such a blog of you .
    Good to see your notes here.
    I’m gonna follow each and every single of your posts.

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