Something green brought back life; Amongst the dusty land of golden sands gone bronze. Something green was what was lacked so much for so long; Among all that I had tried. The smell of dust was what was needed to dust the old stuff off. Do you know how I know this? Do you care enough to listen?

I knew, when I was sitting by the fire, wishing to be warm in that freezing cold, only to realize that the fire was NOT making me any warmer at all. It was something green that warmed me up and left me feel satisfied.

And just when I thought the silence would suffice to bring perfection for peace of mind.

It was no peace and quiet that did the trick; it was only something green that brought sound, music and joy which once more leas to serenity; the kind that makes a lot of noise.

It was NOT so much trying at all that made up for anything. It was but being with something green that taught me to remain that way; green.

With the movement, so rapid and mesmerizing, I decided not to make any decisions to be still; I’d rather go forward in all directions and fall behind. In order to feel the grey matter I had to let something green do the doing and be filled with life.

The most fulfilling color of them all was BUT grey and white and blue and black. It was just another shade; a hair of green.

I look at all the leaves now and the blossoms show me a whole lot of green. But where I learnt about green, there was no green in fact; But only warmer shades of less life. I could not see green. But something green was what came through and flew right thorough my heart and soul. Something green taught me of life and being alive.

Something green gave me much to be thankful for.

Now when I see all the green around, I see all the dust and fire right through it; I see grey, red, orange; I see sand and blue. I see colors!

Now I have something blue to remind me of something green that I felt.

Now I have nothing to stick to, other than something green.

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