Retro Sandy Pros

When I roamed the desert I had peace, I had quiet, I could hear the wind.

I could be with the stars, flickering in the navy blue sky, so close.

I could lie on the sands and be swept away by their warm glow.

I would listen to nothing but the music, hearing nothing but the flickering fire;

Making my soul warm despite the desert cold.

I would remain silent for as long as I felt like, needed, wanted

I would so easily let go and be gone.

I would be lifted as soon as I desired and then I would drown as soon as I’d dove in.

Have you ever had the stars so close to your face, you felt like one of them?

Have you ever lived inside one of the constellations in the deepest blue nature had to offer?

Have you ever been the sand itself, the wind itself?

If not, then you’d never understood how amazing it is to stay calm and quiet;

If only for a few fluttering moments!

You shall never know and feel that glowing part inside your soul that could give you this;

All the joy you could possibly need in life.

You could never ever be what you really are with anything but this serenity!

You shall forever be a big lie without this flowing truth.

The desert makes you BARE and then…

You’ll be none but what you are.

And it’s not for all, it’s not for everyone;

It’s but for the wise, the intense, the REAL.

And they need no stuff to feel something new;

They are feeling different every single second.

They are existing every moment.

They are something new now and then; Now and ever. They are here; Forever.

“sands in the air”

Is all you need

In the moment of despair

Grasp for some air

Be fair to yourself

Be absolutely BARE

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