Solitary Confinement For Life

Never-Ending Redemption For What?

Inculcation, Repetition, How Far?

Tasting Bitter Tastes For Benefit;

What Benefit? Which Advantage?

Running Away From Life

To What Point? To Which Extent?

Lying, Lying, Always Lying

When To Stop? Where To Quit?

Suffocation, Inflammation

A Well-Promised Resurrection

Who Did What? Where And Where?

When Did Sun Do All The Doing?

When Went The Last Ray Of Dreaming?

More Than Meant To, More Than Dared To

Anger Lead To Alter-Ego!

Wanting Ever, Wanting Never

Wishing  Never, Willing Ever

All The Better, Perfect Weather

Soft And Silky Piece Of Feather

For The Better? Does It Matter?

Never! Never!

Caramel And Kiss And Chocolate


Snowman On A Scorching Platter, Never Being

Ever Melting


Hatred Mattered Always, Always

Loving Matter Ruling Our Days

Maybe One Day? Which Day?

Will You Ever?

Never! Never!

Perfect Weather, Snowy Lather

All Together? Altogether?

Even Better!

Mostly Better!

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