Songs are amazing. Music is too. The rain also.
There’s this song which says kiss the rain. I like what it says. What it means, I don’t know.
This other song says: can I be any more exposed? Could my feelings be any more out there? I’m screaming my feelings out loud. I’m shouting my desires.
And there’s this other song which says: shut up. Just shut up. Shut up.

Getting away from it all would be just as much of an impulse as an instinct.
What makes you stay is just as vague as its reasons, so clear.
Knowing that anger still remains is just as frightening as the comfort of its release.
Being afraid of the things to come is just as thrilling as the relief of knowing they’d eventually pass and that you would overcome.
The joy of nagging and delving into despair is just as satisfying as having nothing to nag about.

You only get to hate cliches, the minute you decide to get away from them. So come see me when you’re ready to break away.
We shall only be together if you’ve sold your life for a bohemian adventure to come.
Other than that, I am NOT interested in what you have to offer.
Do not get offended and do not lose all hope. Just leave things be.

Let us be.
Let me be.
Let the bees be.

I like sweet honey and the way you can chew on the pollen, the wax for long.
I like the idea of beauty and the beast.
I would love it if IFs were TO BEs.

The idea of just sitting, doing absolutely nothing is SO tempting, makes you actually wanna do something about it !!
To those who say: “impossible itself is possible.” “nothing is impossible.” And the likes of these, I would say:
Ignorance kills !
Cut the crap!

Then I’d laugh a little bit; bitterly that is. Then I’d pour some honey in my coffee and I’d drink to my own stupidity.

Kisses and one warm embrace…
Kisses and more kisses.
NO words.
Maybe just a few good songs.
And the rain.
Oh yes! and the kisses yet to come.

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