Feverless Flu

We have all been sick time and again, at times, during the course of our lives, long or short; Due to known causes or mystery viruses; because of our obstinacy and blatancy towards our body and even cause of ignorance, lack of knowledge of our physique and mere stupidity.

Cured sometimes with a pill or two, the occasional shot or injection and the very infrequent-and-yet-so-effective herbal remedy; the Chinese massage and acupuncture and for some of us who believe in it, the miraculous wonders of chakra balancing and cleansing the aura.

Maybe some of us have been lucky enough to have dear, caring friends, family or even lovers to look after us and speed the healing process; that warm chicken soup in the frosty winter air delivered by a close friend, that foot rub so full of love and care, or the simple company of a mate who would simply make us feel better so that we forget all about our malady.

Some, though, have struggled alone through their calamity, all the sweat and pain and fever.

We have some recovered soon after the therapy of choice or the therapy chosen for us or the therapy which has just come our way.

Some of us not so soon, but eventually have. And that’s all that matters right? To eventually get all hale and hearty and heal?

How stupid can I be? To have stated all this and having reached here, to this very last statement. I suppose my wisdom, along with my intelligence, faded with all the mucus and pus somewhere along the way of the disease. I just don’t know how or when or as the French would say: “Je l’ignore.”

They know something the French; it’s evident in their language.

The condition at hand right now though, is ABSOLUTELY unprecedented, new and bizarre. It’s sickness of the mind, malady of the heart, disease of the soul. Far worse than any infection ever known; no penicillin would work on this one! No medication-herbal or chemical-no aura purification, no massage or any other kind of energy therapy can possibly cure it. None!

The symptoms are quite simple and obvious:

You see hatred in the mirror.

You view infection all over, manifested where your heart once used to be located.

You witness fear where your eyes used to exist.

You spot sorrow where your lips would curve.

And only and opaque dream where your soul would float.

You are looking for the cure while half way, your oblivion keeps you from surviving, from healing. You trick yourself or in the exact same words YOUR SELF tricks you into believing this ailment.


The mind has proven over and over again its strength. The most perfect thing god ever created. Of course god must be a bit perturbed, seeing that the mind has become his very own creator as well!

Oblivion must be sweet. I wouldn’t know for sure. It must be though. It really must be sweet. It’s a really good thing I’m not diabetic!

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