Some Can Fake Breathing !

“If you & I are really meant to be together, We’ll somehow know.
If you’re my love & I’m yours in this world, We’ll somehow know.
The world itself will let us know when it shall be for us to be.
The world itself will let us know and we will know,
We’ll somehow know.”

So really, let’s see…Why do we miss people, really? Why do we think we love someone? Why do we feel the need to be liked or loved or at least paid attention to? or maybe even the need to be the center of attention? What is it about people that draws us toward them? what is it about people that makes us want them? what is it about them that brings up all those ongoing visions-both good and bad-inside our heads? what is it that doesn’t let us be? what is it in others that makes us feel inferior? more vulnerable? the lesser of the two? and the least in cases?
What’s that spirit amongst us which comes and goes only at particular moments and makes us feel different? makes us see someone different? makes us look in the mirror and see only a stranger wearing a mask? isn’t the individual in the mirror already unknown? what’s the use of a mask then? what makes beauty beautiful? What is beauty? What is love?

Only if I had the answer to at least few of these questions–one or two would’ve sufficed I swear.

My better half, my wise friend told me:
It’s all an illusion my friend. What we see is what we have made and are making. What we see is the known and only the known. but the known shall die soon if we want to see what merely IS . What IS, is the reality and not what we want to see.
We miss people and they too, at different times. And that’s why when I miss a certain someone and I’m thinking to myself about all those precious, dear moments that we once had, thinking why they don’t give a damn, probably at that time, at that particular hour, that certain someone is NOT missing me. so it’s only fair to conclude I shall not want anything in return. I shall not ask for their love and affection at that hour. For I am the one who’s having this feeling now.

Nature and her ways…makes you wonder and bedazzled because now if a certain admirer, a lover, a friend were to miss you, the same thing could go for them as well. You see, they might miss you, thinking of all the good moments they’ve had with you, yearning for some attention, and here, now, YOU are the cold-hearted soul, not caring at all!

So it’s a losing game after all, don’t you see? all this sitting and reflecting and concluding. it’s all really an illusion and what you and only you are creating. it’s empty. but true. a fact. as radical as that.

You wanna be a part of a group and you can’t, because it doesn’t want to happen.
You wanna have this person as your lover and you can’t, because it doesn’t want to happen.
You wanna be friends, good buddies with this person and you can’t, because it doesn’t want to happen.
You wanna be something that you’re not and you can’t–naturally! because it doesn’t want to happen.
You wanna do many many things that aren’t to be done by you and yet you push; listen: it doesn’t want to happen!

And by saying things like: “I will MAKE it happen” or “It certainly MUST happen” or the famous “Anything is possible” you cannot self-justify yourself.

You might think of me as a pessimist, or merely stupid and I might as well be that but let’s not forget, at the end of the day, we all know there are certain things that aren’t to happen for us, because they simply are NOT us. Deep deep down we don’t even want them, we just don’t know it yet. we have two options now:
One, we can do all the sacrifice and obtain them and be them and then after all the pain realize that we don’t want them.
Two, We can just wait for those authentic ones, those really fulfilling ones to come our way.
Yes! you heard me, after a life of running after what I’ve wanted I’m saying that you shall sit and do nothing for the things you REALLY want to come your way.
It shall come when it shall.

“Is this and instruction?” you ask.
it could be. it might be. no it’s not. oh yea.
who cares?
it’s just something that has come your way while you were JUST SITTING & WAITING, DOING NOTHING.
so it ought to get some credit at least for that.

Carrie Bradshaw once said “Every man is an island.”

She sure as hell knew what she was saying.


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