Solitude : The Beast

Alone I am at this midnight hour

Alone in life with loss of power

Alone in heart with no desire

Alone like ice, Like burning fire

Loneliness is bitter. “Quite obvious.” you say.

I know; but still, Loneliness is bitter!

Loneliness is like being in a coffin. Different though; In that: Death won’t come to set you free, for you are punished not to be freed ever.

Loneliness is prison; Life sentence that is! With no consent for visiting hours.

Loneliness is the never-ending night of insomnia, With no dawn to emerge at all. With no light. No chirping of the birds. All silence; The kind that keeps your ears muffled from any whisper.

Loneliness is deadening, is evil, is shrill. You really wanna take your life and the only thing you need’s a pill; A pill to kill your pain, your soul, your holey soul of misery.

Why are you lonely?

Why do you feel alone?

Didn’t you cherish solitude? Well, Not if they’re not leaving you alone! Solitude this ain’t; This is loneliness, alone. Just that. Only that.

And it’s here to take me on the verge of madness, even though it perfectly knows the only thing it’ll possibly accomplish would be making me a bit blue. Just that & Only that.

“What’s its point?” you ask.

Well I don’t know. That’s just the way it works. Loneliness shows up all of a sudden. Always unexpectedly it does.

Loneliness is also cold. Cold & empty. Just like a winter afternoon somewhere in Europe. But one with no Fire. With no drink. With no cup of hot Coffee clutched in your hands. Nor any warm embrace. Nothing snug to have said it all.

Loneliness is having no one and I mean NO ONE in this vast world and also have those whom once were there for you, Taken away from you.

Loneliness is having no one to talk to, to share with, to simply be with.

Loneliness is to see it all pointless while knowing that the chance yet exists.

Loneliness is talking to people while knowing perfectly they won’t understand. Just like a monologue.

Loneliness is not being able to trust anyone; Knowing everyone’s lying & that everything’s a BIG BIG lie.

Loneliness is uncertainty & Imbalance & Unsteady steps all around.

Loneliness is not having what you want & having what you don’t. Not loving those you should & hating those who you oughtn’t.

Loneliness is looking into the eyes of people, dear ones & friends; seeing only a pair of eyes: Empty, cold and merely Dead. Long long long ago.

Loneliness is doing things, going places & seeing those who you don’t want to and yet knowing THIS is all you got right now. Loneliness is picking up the phone, Not knowing who to call and therefore putting it right back down again.

Loneliness is rejecting invitations which can possibly make one of your gloomy days.

Loneliness is saying NO just because it’s the easiest thing to do and saying YES because it’s also the easiest thing to do.

Loneliness is making snap decisions, Jumping to conclusions, Hurting people & constantly being hurt.

Loneliness is deciding to take a very long nap in Heaven. or perhaps an eternal siesta in Paradise.

So, now do you see my point when I say “Loneliness is bitter.”?

If you still don’t agree, read this all over again

If you are lonely just like all the people in this great cosmos, including myself, you might as well do so. At least you could feel that there are a few if not thousands or millions out there feeling EXACTLY the same way as I do.

We share this pain as well as all the universal love that exists. We share everything and so long as we think of ourselves as individuals we are denying this fact that WE ARE NOT ALONE.

2 thoughts on “Solitude : The Beast

  1. Loneliness is to see it all pointless while knowin that the chance yet exists.
    Loneliness is not being able to trust anyone
    Loneliness is hurting people & constantly being hurt.

    These 3 describe clearly what “loneliness” means.
    And yeah.. we’re all feelin it.

    Loved this one.

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