She Never Says ‘When’

Is it me or am I really really lost? Is it really the wind that’s blowing this way or is it the reflection of my own sighs coming right back into my face? Is it the real waves that are taking me away or is it me who’s being so buoyant in the current so smoothly?

There is something in the air, everywhere; something pleasant and by pleasant I mean new; Something of new smells and of new feeling and of course something of new feelings; something felt just for the very first time through every inch of me; something not so familiar to me; something so strange and at the same time so so lacked; so yearned.

Do I embrace it? do I let go? should I let go and go with the flow?

It’s a little late for that now…I am gone. lost in the timeless span of life. the impromptu realm of life letting me feel the pure essence of life, the amazing extract of the universe. that sweet insatiable taste. that rupturing sense of touch. is it rupture or is it rapture? it’s both. it’s weird.


A smell of death in the corner..A fear of not living; a terror of just sitting…sitting and thinking…a fear of having everything taken away…fear of taking away nothing from you; the fright of knowing you missed your chance; contemplating that you never even had one!

The adrenaline rush you’d been waiting for, ever since you’ve been waiting!! the shaking, the sweet trembling; the occasional titillation which would later turn into some kind of bliss and intense climax.

Is it the music? not this time! It’s that flow of the universe so harmonious and wild. takes you away and leaves you filled up with life.

The amazing grace…even the race…the race to the last point. and then another beginning. and another…and another…and there’s no end!

You are neither the child nor the man. you are only a man. after all that’s all you are. and it should feel good and it does.

Mother nature is wild of course…mother nature’s alive. mother nature takes you in, deep inside. She then teaches you how to touch…how to be touched.

Mother nature sets the right pace and the force and all the pressure. she does it all and yet…she needs you to complete her…or is she trying to make YOU complete?

Mother nature is rainy and smells of a cloudy day so rare. mother nature smells like herself. only herself and that’s the way she smells.

She leaves you very empty, full of nothingness and air. full of life and lively nature. of the sweet matured pear.

How can you say goodbye to mother nature?

How can you say goodbye to her warm embrace?

she’s absolutely luscious.

Now I own it. Now it’s mine. just when I let go of it 🙂

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