Our Ad Hoc Beads

The idea of writing something worth reading; That’s not how it all started, I gotta say, but, somehow, along the way, that turned out to be all it was done for!

Now though, Once more, It’s quite the other way around. Done only for the sake of doing it!

This is what’s so good about it U know; U don’t have anyone to answer to! U don’t have any responsibility. U do it cause U want to do it or cause U don’t want to do it and that’s all there is to it.

U can just put down three words like this:

Life Love Lust

Or suddenly go

to the next line

out of no-


Feels Good~

This is freedom indeed. U tell me, if THIS isn’t freedom then what is!?

Nothing has to be perfect; Nothing ever IS anyway!! Y bother try to make an alwayz-less-than-perfect picture when U can draw something memorable just the way it is? Perfection is so overrated don’t U think?

Who ever said that whenever there’s a new year (whatever/whenever that is!!) U ought to grab a pen and start writing stuff just cause U have learnt/been told/are used to doing so !?

wearing the same outfit for any time more than 2-3 days in a row would make U sick! Then how is it that U somehow manage to live the EXACT same routines over and over again, Do the EXACT same things OVER AND OVER again! for as long as U live and somehow-God only knows how-manage to NOT get tired of it or at least say that U don’t!?

It really does make one wonder now does it not?!

U even use the same terminology have U ever realized?!

Oh dear oh dear ! How DEAD we are, really! Where is that Blissful element of LIFE? where’s that astonishing KICK? that certain POP?

Oh well, somewhere not so far away without any doubt and yet…

If U know that it exists and I know that it exists and the only problem is that we both think that the other is not aware of the fact that we also know it, then let’s STOP right here, right now and START taking some long-gone action and get a move on!

DENIAL rubs shoulders with PERFECTION! they are both sentenced to DEATH in my newly-developed world!

Taking action, setting up that spark 4 change; that’s what’s SO in !

Sum1 said the other day: “Some, don’t wanna make any move, they are comfortable where they are, How they are. I don’t like to live in the same world where that Sum1 lives. That sum1 IS wrong! That Sum1 lives in the dark. And I believe that everyone deserves this NUDGE! everyone MUST be given the right to TRY. Everyone deserves the tiny glimpse of light given to them on a silver platter. and if I’m one to bestow that chance upon them, then I’ve done something, then I’ve REALLY existed, then I’ve Lived. Yes I can say that.

It’s tough. It has never been easy anyway. EASY itself loses meaning when there’s only hardship though, right?

One minuscule issue though: Will U ever get tired of “just giving” ?

“There’s no such thing!” , Says the old man.

He also says: “You are never “Just Giving” my son, giving and receiving coexist my child. Nothing is Unconditional; Do not forget. ”

…He turns away and leaves.

When he’s around I feel so at ease…so peaceful. He’s not around that much though. I’m grateful for when he IS!

The fish in the bowl make me wonder BIG time! Whenever I so much as PASS their bowl from a 2 meter distance, They just start shaking and trembling and moving in a MAD manner; they make the water stir! They have only learnt to be scared; to be frightened to death! That’s while, I only intend to make sure they’re safe or if their water needs changing. They have decided to BE SCARED no matter what! they have decided to STAY blind. to always do the same thing and to accept change in NO FORM! poor creatures. if that ain’t stupidity, then U tell me, what is?

It’s so sad in the most obvious way U see; A creature (here being the fish) “Living” a whole lifetime of FEAR until even a bigger fear comes its way called DEATH and takes it away into eternal DARKNESS; because U see, THIS death is not the kind that sets U free!

But it’s interesting how the next they I woke up to find one of the Fish dead. this is not the interesting part. what’s interesting is that after their dead fellow was taken out of the bowl, whenever I would go near the bowl they wouldn’t start shaking crazily! they would stay put. so so still…

Isn’t it puzzling? For me it is! it SO is. Have they changed?

Poor little old woman on the corner, I couldn’t possibly feel more sorry for anyone in this world! She has lived a life of blindness, pure blindness and now, even after almost a century, still is; as blind as ever! living in her grayish world. she’s so lonely. I know loneliness; and the kind that she’s living in…Heaven would turn into Hell! I’d cry for her but U know what? It wouldn’t make any difference so…


How dark!

I’m scared a bit here!

Perversion lives amongst us. Not so many perverts perhaps; but Perversion, for sure does.

What’s the point? NOTHING! don’t forget, I don’t write for the sake of your pleasure! I do not write to entertain! So I don’t have to answer to U or any1 for that matter.

Feels great when Ur in power.

Feels divine when Ur the boss.

Evil I feel like being now, Evil I am right now!

Your Friend,


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