A little something in the air called Life

Have you ever felt SO good that the only thing left for you to do was to cry!? I mean it’s not even wishing to cry or anything like that; your tears will come and there’s not much you can do about it. there’s not much you wanna do about it! You will let them go.

Life just shows you-all of a sudden-this divine, stupendous, magnificent side which you’ve never seen or felt before. It just gives-with all its glory-to you, what you’ve been after, all your life.

Is it love? is it joy? is it bliss? Oh god, all words fail to express what it really is. it’s amazing, it’s magic.

As if something out there reaches in and caresses your soul so gently. Your body cannot contain you and you just want to fly. Wings, you don’t own, but that’s not really a problem cause you’re somehow already way up there in the sky, you are flying as free as a bird.

You feel every pleasant wind brushing against your skin, it touches you and fills you with this THING it’s spreading around.

The clouds turn into what you want to see, what you know as the most beautiful image. the inexplicable!!

The smell in the air, oh yea; there’s definitely this dreamy smell. it’s the sweet smell of life itself. your lungs are not big enough to contain it. they fail to process!

The music in the air… don’t get me started on how it moves you… it lifts you up and floats you somewhere in between. your steps so light. oh there’s no pressure; how come?

This certain little something in the air is what makes you ABSOLUTELY INSANE! MAD! it just drives you towards the very verge of melancholy!

for a second… you don’t wanna BE !

you wanna… you don’t even WANNA cuz there’s nothing more to possibly wish for.

what is greed? what is ambition? what is YOU?!

they all fail to exist even if only for a few moments of absolute serenity…of euphoria.


I don’t wanna get out of it and yet…


Simply have to.

Thank you life…Thank you so SO mcuh!!

I’m grateful

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