A Lonely Winter Night

The setting’s familiar; Cozy and warm with soothing music and candles all around. A brimming cup of steaming black tea sweetened with a dollop of honey.

Thoughts filling the space so empty and quiet around. Thoughts that simply never stop.

The weather outside is cold but perhaps more refreshing than that of the inside. You cannot hear the silence of the snow from outside which is such a pity really cause the silence inside is just deafening!!

The fire is lit around the other corner and yet no warmth is felt around here. That rusk, woody smell isn’t sensed. the glow is so dim don’t know why. You’d think at least fire would stay authentic forever!

Loneliness is dominant all around…

If it were snowing right now, One would simply roll up the blinds and sit for hours and be taken away by the beauty of the falling snow; but alas!

The liveliness of a green tree is lacked.

The setting is really familiar. It used to be the representation of life itself and now…it’s just cold. Not the cold one would appreciate the presence of which though.

The perfect winter smell? gone.

One would sit and think; but for how much longer? exhaustion comes due to this faux winter which lingers.

did summer evaporate away the warmth?

Where is that friend who used to sit here by the fire? have they forgotten that winter as well as misery itself likes company.

the setting is still so familiar…

It’s just, as if, the individual no longer is known to this space. so it means the setting is still the same and perhaps the character has changed and… doesn’t make any sense!!

The setting asks for the same old fun and joy; It’s felt easily but…

I wish the snowman would come back again; for only he’d know what to do. You see, the snowman’s a constant joyous spirit. The snowman never ever lets you down.

You can talk to the snowman; You can fly with him. You can dance with him and better yet you can go to places far far away where wishes really really do come true. The Snowman can, In fact take you to the lands of fantasy and dream where you can be and do anything you wish.

The Snowman has such love for you, you never knew existed. The snowman is SO SO good. He can make you REALLY laugh; you know, those laughs that you have to pause in between just to get a little air. He makes you laugh with your eyes and then you’d get tears in your eyes or possibly wet your pants.

The snowman is all about the fun and goodness. The snowman lifts your spirit so high you’d feel divine.

One can only sit and wait for the snowman. One WILL!!

The setting still stays the same.

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