Snug & Cozy

There’s only so much ungratefulness one could possibly possess. To the extent that even having it all wouldn’t be just enough. And once you look around you, you see all these hopeful scenes… And yet…won’t budge an inch.

What makes us blind is an unknown concept… We wanna look into everything so deeply that we kinda miss the big picture. The masterpieces granted upon us are gone far before we ever get a chance to get a glimpse of them.

Friendships are lost and so are relationships. Connections are erased and so are sparks. Warm feelings are gone and so are those divine moments of pleasure. In a moment, a very lengthy moment, everything is lost. Perhaps even forever; Because we can never change!

What (if anything!!) can ever make us see? what can possibly open the eyes so blinded by selfishness and ego and pride and deceit? Are we even seeking it? but we don’t even look each other in the eye. How could you ever see if you don’t look?

Before you know it those for whom you cared are gone and the only thing that would be left is the regret of never taking the courage to look them in the eye and say what you felt… How you felt… They DO say that looks can carry meanings but not everyone is wise enough to read your eyes.

Those silly touches mean nothing if none is said… Why is everyone in such denial… Open up and speak. tell me how you feel. by doing so you might even take off some of the burden I carry every day. Have all these stupid assumptions, only half of which might be true. why don’t you talk to me and let me off my constant misery.

What’s holding you back? huge ego? doubt it! you’re just as weak. what is it then? pride and shit? again, you’re so weak! don’t even have enough confidence to act in such way!

I’m always saying words and stuff. they are just as they seem. don’t try to make something out of them cause what they are is it! they are used by me to get to you. not just to pass some time. why can’t you be a bit wiser just to hear me!? why don’t you listen? are you even listening?!

A malignant tumor could kill me 2morrow and I would be gone for good. now cry and pity will do no good for i wouldn’t be there at the receiving end. why would you even cry? for yourself? well yea that’s right! for all those moments I came to you and you just went away! for all those meaningful chitchats that you just took for granted. all those magical mystical moments, so precious that you just lived away. all those attempted minutes for which I’d planned for days.

screw you, you sick old thing I’m sick and tired of you. I’m just the me I’ve learnt to love. not some me you made out of me. you have no power over me and neither do I. but just keep this in mind; we need to live and love.

let’s dance, we haven’t for a while. it’s always fun to dance. we’d go all up and drink some wine and dance just dance till the dawn. I’d hold you in my arms and will caress you all night long. for you’ve always been that someone for whom I’ve lived and died.

Call me nuts! Cause perhaps I am! but who isn’t, right? Who ever said a kiss has to be meaningful? so what’s the deal with “Kiss & Tell” ? hold my hand… just embrace me… let’s take in all the pleasure we possibly can. we need it… life is short… come sit by the fireplace… it’s kinda cold.

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