Throughout the process of life, Only recently did I learn to love the curvy structure of it; With its many, absolutely unpredictable ups and downs.

Wow! I’m so grateful for this recent discovery in life. My chest feels-after such a long time-so light and so free. and now the door to happiness is once more open and I cherish every tiny bit of it.

To say, out loud, what you go over, once and again, inside, which drives you to the verge of madness. How fulfilling. How powerful you are all of a sudden; the same weak bastard a few seconds before.

You learn to dance and to fly even with your feet on the ground. You reach for the stars; And they’re just there; The only question now is: How much are you willing to reach out to them? I say: My all! but not drink in hand…I’m gonna give it a bit thought too, The perfectionist that I am.

Definitely love is sensed…And don’t you ever underestimate the looks. Time and again I’ve talked about them but every time I learn more and more of them; They are amazing! They make your whole being tremble with this overflowing of…simply PURE LOVE.

They bring with them freedom and joy… bliss… such euphoria you’d never want to end. Where does it lead to anyway; I wonder. Don’t wanna know though! I’d rather know there’s no end. For this is the best thing I’ve ever had!

You will literally be the change that you want to bring about. You don’t fall into the tides of the crazy ocean because you’re lost but because you merely adore it that way. To be taken along with the flow.

You’ll be your own judge of character and no critic whatsoever would ever write YOU a critique; Simply cause you’re not wasting your time anticipating one.

You’ll still be sorry for those who are still suffering from lack of THIS love but then you look further and you don’t even see them anymore. Their actions of any kind will lose total meaning.

You wonder why you couldn’t connect as much as you want. but wait; one step at a time; despite this glorious existence!

You will run one day… Towards it. and through it… Until you ARE it. It’s all you have ever looked for. You lacked THIS! and now you have found it. It’s here! oh how blind you could’ve been.

You love it. You love you. You are the love you gotta love and then it’s all here. has always been. it’s GODDAMN satisfying.

Now it’s time to rise up. to take some steps for the first time and walk. go further and stop just imagining it. it’s there. it’s the reality. not what YOU want to make of it. but what already is there. U only gotta reach out and grasp. let’s grasp. it might get late. It’s not even close to being late NOW but it surely leaves no place for hesitation.

Why so? when you can have it all?! you have to be plain mad.

No regrets… No shame… From here On Out…Only A BIG BIG smile… Effective NOW!

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