Twice Upon A Lifetime

Now let me tell you a little bit about Dori. After all she made herself a part of this even though I did not at all want her to.

Just like a mischievous little mouse she made her way in with her fake mysteriousness and slight charm. Well in all fairness she was kinda good-looking (Nothing compared to HER though!!) but as time passed so did her “beauty”; Then again, that’s the case with all pretentious beauties.

You see, the problem with Dori is her dishonesty to herself and for this I feel terribly sorry for her. She could have it all. She does have the potential but she-at the moment-has less than nothing; Nada!

At times I really wonder; doesn’t she get tired of acting all the time? of not living? of trying to impress him every fucking second? I mean, for god’s sake he’s just a normal guy, a cool guy, an okay guy, a person! Why can’t she be too!?

The funny thing is those who watch from afar would go: “Wow! Look at them. How cute! How gorgeous! How nice!” well, Guess what? “This”, right here, NOT THE TINIEST BIT AS IT LOOKS!!

And honestly, since he had no commitment on day one, he’s more than okay to simply let go of the whole thing. But as for Dori, I’m sure she won’t be happy about it. But the Oscar-worthy actress that she is, I’m certain she’ll act her way out of it.

When Dori thought of him as the “Robin Hood” of this fairy tale of hers, She didn’t realize that he thought of her as someone more like “Little John” than “Maid Marrian”. (by the way, Now he knows she couldn’t have been even “Sir Hiss” because even he was more Real!!)

The good thing is all fairy tales end well so I have high hopes for Dori. I’m sure she’ll find her very own Prince Charming; someone who suits her well. Anyone but Him. because anyone who could put two and two together would know for sure that they’re not made for each other despite what she may think. (Don’t even get me started on her assumptions!!)

You see, he’s more the “Documentary” type. He knows what he wants and is determined to obtain it sooner or later all the while “attracting” it of course.

And although he’s sympathetic to an unnecessary extent, He does NOT feel a tat bit responsible for Dori’s happiness.

He’s simply gonna let “Once Upon A Time” decide for the end of Dori’s tale.

Oh, And just to have stated the obvious:

Dori’s in total denial at the moment. May she wake up before the end of her story where no more chances might exist.

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