The Thing About Their Thing

For a while they hadn’t talked…they were starting to live their own lives not thinking about each other; just having fun…

going through the windmills of life…

One day Lucinda-out of nowhere-interfered with her nosiness which as a matter of fact caused them to talk for three days in a row…every day for three days they would communicate through words, something that they hadn’t done for a while.

He actually would wake up every morning so hopeful, knowing he would see her words which were the only thing right now that brought her a bit closer…he in fact wished the “misunderstanding” would never clarify so that they could keep on writing these letters back and forth. Yes, even though her letters were rather harsh and cold he didn’t mind for just hearing from her, communicating was what mattered the most at this point.

Through these letters he would just open up every chance he got saying what he wanted but then she might’ve thought he were trying to justify himself in a way and that wasn’t what it was.

For him it felt like he, at last had got what he had wanted for so long; He felt like he had found what he had lost or at least thought had lost long before.

For him it felt just like the old days when they would sit and just talk and talk for hours not getting a bit tired…you see, Now he really longs for those days but it seems like she’s doing quite alright on her own.

He’s not even jealous of her or her life you know…all he wants is they, becoming a “thing” again.

Suddenly on the third day, Unfortunately the “misunderstanding” was clarified. she got soft; only because she realized once more he truly loved her and would do nothing to hurt her, EVER!

She said things have changed and so has she and that she’s sure he has too. and that sometimes things become a bit more complicated than we want them to and at last that she was sorry and she too would never do anything to lose her “best friend”.

Huh…for him, “best friend” was not enough. you see, in the real world this would’ve been the best thing you could hear but he was never one to be living in a real world…he always lived in a fantasy, still is for that matter.

In the end he had to be like her, acting as if NOTHING had ever happened between them…saying he too was completely okay with the whole thing and is glad to be friends with her. He said he could not even imagine ever hurting her in any way; well of course this part was the only part coming from his heart.

When he sent this last letter he somehow knew something divine had ended…something so profound…a chapter so special, yet so short.

Up till this moment he hasn’t received another reply, on some level he wishes he doesn’t so, but then again, It’s HER! and how can he ever stop loving her?

Oh no he just simply couldn’t!

The questions is: For how long can an unconditional love exist…for quite some time I’d say but who am I to say; I haven’t been through what he has…I’ll never know.

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