Johnny’s Never-Ending Tale

One day little johnny stepped out of the house impulsively! He then thought to himself: “Where shall I go to?” “Somewhere fun of course.” and so he set out. He was kinda scared yet willing to take a few risks every now and then.

U see, our little Johnny was rather a limited person; Religiously organized and pedantically within boundaries! He was usually quiet, really creative to an undeniable extent, introvert but sufficiently sociable. Those around him always took pleasure out of his company. For him the world was a never-ending realm of possibilities, A wondrous place where even magic could be possible.

On that very fateful day, when it had just stopped raining and everywhere smelled of freshness and zestyness, he started his journey, brimming with hope and joy. he just had NO idea what he was in for!

The first thing that drew his attention was the weird-colored mushrooms in the glorious ditch along the twisted narrow alley. the trees had just blossomed and had that adorable cheerfulness.

he bent to take a closer look at the mushrooms; just as he was scoping them out very closely someone said:

“care for a drag?” shocked by the matter-of-fact tone he looked up; It was George. someone he knew from school, yet not so well. He thought of him as weird and kinda kinky. in his meticulously organized list of “bad” and “good” George most definitely fell under “Beyond bad” and so there was no chance of any kind of friendship.

So he took initiative and said: “I don’t think so.”

And just like that a friendship shaped up.

They started looking at the mushrooms, taking long aimless walks, wandering around, smoking and talking…talking and talking.

Johnny soon realized of course that judging a book by its cover may not always be the best option; but since he was a limited person, that was of course inevitable!

Johnny and George became inseparable. They both were a sandwich short of a picnic!

Everything was going perfectly well, until one day George did something with malice aforethought; He crossed the line!!

You see, Johnny, as we said before was a limited person and obviously new to all this, so he’d prefer tiny steps but as for George, a carefree reckless person this was all greek!

Now, what he did and how Johnny reacted is not of our concern, what matters is how it affected Johnny; for good.

The other day I saw Johnny and I asked “So U don’t wanna tell me exactly what happened that day?!” and then I said “Care to share?” but he just looked me in the eye and said “Does it really matter now?” and I knew for sure even after a hundred years I couldn’t get a straight answer outta him and so I left.

When Johnny saw me writing this he then asked “So are you trying to tell the story of my life?” I said “Apparently.” he said “It all sounds familiar but something’s lacking.” I said “Duh!! The Ending?!”

And that’s when he said : “I’m still living, right?”

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