Jamais Vu

A friend of mine once said: The growing process is painful. No, actually to quote him exactly, he said: “The growing process is REALLY painful or else it’s not a growing process.”

So now I wanna see that friend of mine, to look them in the eye and to declare that they were truly mistaken and that I have proof for what I have just said!

The growing process may not be the most flattering one or specifically a bed of roses but it most definitely is not anything even close to painful. it’s quite comforting for that matter.

Well; that’s how I’ve learnt to know it!

Of course now you may think: “well maybe what you’ve gone through is NOT actually the growing process per se.” but you see, you can always tell when it comes to this kind of thing. I mean it’s not like we’re trying to lie to ourselves for god’s sake!

The weird thing about it is the fact that while in the process, you haven’t got the slightest what’s happening; It feels as if you’re doing the everyday, mundane stuff, going through your daily routines if you will and experiencing the ups and downs of your complicated life; But then, Suddenly you’re like: “Oh, this is new!” or maybe you’ll go: “okay, haven’t felt like THIS before!” and that’s when it hits you; So I’ve grown.

But don’t get too flattered, alright? cause it only increases your worries and concerns as a being, for now you know more!

The thing that occurs at this point is called “Loneliness”. pay attention! it’s not “Being Lonely” it’s “Loneliness” the magnitude of which could blow your mind just so you know! but to look on the bright side (something you must learn to do at all times in order to survive!) this “LONELINESS” is a necessity for growth and as I said it could be really unsettling but you see, these unsettling moments of life are what shape it.

Perhaps that friend of mine wasn’t thinking clearly when he said “The growing process is REALLY painful or else it’s not a growing process.” or maybe he just didn’t have a very good choice of vocabulary…

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