Irresistible ≠ Forbidden

Oh, how Lust makes us lose it completely, don’t it?

At the point you are at your best, knowing, at least, on some level that you’ve become a better version of yourself, knowing for once, you are doing well and that you are someone…That’s when it’s gonna hit you; Exactly when you’re least expecting it.

Like a swiveling breeze it comes around and brings with it this tropical yearning…this Insatiable craving…this compulsive appetite…this never-ending temptation…this absolute Desire; and then you lose all control.

Your stupid circles and squares become but a scattered series of spots, drizzling in the air. you go for that charming sweet smile…for that familiar warm look…for that undeniable pleasant scent; No wait, You fall for it all.

Maybe the touch is not on the menu for now but all the appetizers for sure will make your taste buds water more and more…now it’s too late to stop. we’re at a gourmet restaurant for heaven’s sake. you don’t know what you’re in for and somehow you wish you never will. The present is being so fair to you who cares what’s to come?

The looks, Oh! they work wonders. they speak much louder than words. I’m one to talk now for I’ve been living a long time understanding them. They tell you EXACTLY what you wanna hear EVERY FUCKIN TIME!

The heart is just a pump machine, waiting there to pump. it pounds at times when it can’t bear what the looks define.

So is it really Love?

I was trying to talk about Lust but things turned out “Lovely” but somehow UNromantic. what does it mean now? Who ever said Lust is bad and Love is good? Who ever said Lust and Love are even different?

Lately, We’ve been suffering from an abundance of Love and we forgot all about the Pros of Lust…Its mysteriousness…Its uniqueness…Its dangerousness…I’m willing to give Lust another shot. Naturally, “A shot in the dark.”

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