A Cupful of Life, Sans Sucre

Feeling Scatter-brained…Scatter-minded…Can’t think clearly…Can’t think straight.

The Buddha himself along with the “New Ageists” would tell you no to try doing so anyhow; That there is NO such thing as a clear, certain state of mind and that mind itself is just a manifestation of the ever-changing series of thoughts commuting through your head.

They’d then get into the whole “Just Observe” bit which of course for us (the fellows of the 21st century who have learnt nothing but paying attention and magnifying and analyzing the tiny details [Which only happens in the world of intellectuals whoever they might be!]) is doubtlessly impossible.

Yoga helps and so do the million different types of herbal tea and infusions and such on the shelves; They somehow soothe it all for a while, Hence, bringing up a temporary “Clearance”.

But at the end of the day, My big nice cup of coffee (which according to some people is more like a bowl!) calms me best. It rejuvenates me and the thing I like about it the most is that Unlike most people around me it’s not phony! It’s there in all it’s aromatic exotic glory. It accompanies me in both good and bad. It is bitter but it’s real; Just like “The Truth” itself. And I gotta admit, At times I enjoy it with a dollop of Creamer but then It tells me It cannot stand the hypocrisy and phoniness of it despite the fact that they call them “Mates”. My coffee thinks of it as a foe; A frenemy at best! Although I’m decent enough not to ever use DECAF; The absolute deal breaker; The biggest liar of all!

Getting high is the next best thing; or is it? Well it does put you in this intense, fast-paced, weird, at times too clear space. If you’re not a big fan of roller coasters you ain’t gonna like it so much. It shows you the ups and downs along with the loops and dark holes so vividly, You’d get motion sickness in the stillest way! It’s needless to say of course that once on the train, You can’t get off until the ride’s over. I do enjoy it from time to time but that’s it. Quite frankly, How often can you go to the amusement park and still enoy the fun anyways?! You’d kill the fun if you make it a habit!

“Taking pleasure in small things”…Another ancient yet priceless philosophy of life. I personally find it pretty appealing but how many times am I gonna be able to find a “Special” moment? A unique chitchat with a friend…A dreamy stroll in a totally exquisite melancholic weather….A nice top-notch night of being drunk…Or those first minutes of utmost chemistry when you’re getting to know a total stranger? These are all good and unique only cause they happen twice if not once in a blue moon!

So what if I have to wait for ages for the next one to happen? Supposing that it WOULD happen for sure, What am I to do while waiting? Perhaps I could “Read” as in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. Magazines? Have read them all; A waste of time (Unless they’re cooking magazines of course!) Poetry? Not a big fan of! (Not always anyways.) Books? I do that. It does help at times; At others though it just brings more emptiness and a new set of unclear thoughts. I’m glad writing is not so overrated yet!

Experience Life Through Sex. Well, Thank you so much Mr. Freud but I guess if you had a clear mind yourself, you’d have lived instead of stacking up books on perversion and all that. “What’s Life” you ask? Sorry to bother you Mr. Freud.

I know I know! Another kind of high; All the passion…The smells…The sweat…The heat…The moist…The first touch…The second…The third…All so special and real-like! But what when the spark’s gone? When you just know it’s only your physique which enjoys it and what is your physique? Definitely not YOU!

Foreplay I like though; A creative process in which you gotta use your brain and as long as you’re using your brain you’re safe. Orgasm? A divine High? YUP! but clearance? NOPE! One last thing: Do Not forget to use a fucking condom!! AT LEAST ONE! This is just a precaution, In case you’re not ready to deal with a new world of confusion and trouble called children cause you see, They just add to the whole mystery. And they also keep you from exploring more and more for your identity…for your life.

It’s good for those who’re seeking any excuse to stop. From outside looks all so fulfilling you know, Raising a child, Giving unconditional love and all that jazz!

Gee! Suddenly it feels as if I were giving advice…Preaching! And who am I to do so? Well, No I’m not trying to say there’s NO way out…I’m not trying to say that no matter what we do and in what way, We’re still short of ways for living life…I’m not trying to say we’ll NEVER know what’s right for us. Just I think we’re always exploring…Always searching…And that’s what Life is all about. The road is life and the destination unknown!

But we could learn to enjoy the ride. For sure at times we’ll have to go through the dark tunnels but then there are the valleys in spring. Just as long as you keep the seatbelts buckled up and know the rules, You’re fine I guess.

I myself, Am a big fan of walking every once in a while. Wait…That was a lie! I’d walk all the time if I could.

For now, I gotta go; My coffee’s waiting for me along with a piece of paper and a pencil…Oh Screw It! I just wanna enjoy the coffe for now, Enough writing! I’ve got a scattered brain to tend to; Remember?

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