A Crapcident!

I’m tired of all the boundaries I’ve created around me. I just tore up the very last one and threw it in the bin; Felt good!

It could’ve been a masterpiece; The grates of them all, but since I was creating it out of habit, which by the way has become rather a boundary for me, I just put an end to it right then and there and threw it away, got rid of it; Felt good!

Things haven’t been so smooth between the two of us for a while and I thought I didn’t mind since I somehow managed to blame it all on her.(Well, She of course is to blame!)Yet I feel pity for her and I think the world hasn’t been quite fair to her; So the other day, When she came into the room to give me a massage, I just let her and then gave her a nice, warm smile; Felt good!

Despite all the loneliness imposed, the other day in the room, I was with a bunch of them and they were all of a sudden being so nice; Adoring me and shit; Considering me one of them. Even though deep down I knew on some level I didn’t even want to be one of them, and that I didn’t fit, yet I mingled and was instantly the center of attention. The glue actually that they so desperately yearned for. They liked me for who I was and this appealed to me oh so finely; Felt good!

My life of pure mystery had made me sick for a while and change seemed absolutely impossible and tricky and tough so I dared. It was obviously frightening but then came relief:

~Now, Her & Him & Them & Us, Who cares which, For all is one.

At the moment comes back loneliness, but this time it’s just a guest:

~ A friend I’ve learnt to love and cherish, Things will not so harshly perish.

I ripped off the frigging paper; God how good it made me feel!

~I threw it out with boundaries; “That’s it!” I said and felt at ease.

~I wrote this, This so weird yet nice; Makes me feel like paradise.

~For moments there was joy, Was love; Not a bunch of crap and lies.

~I did this, And only I. down at first, at end so high.

~Now I know how it works; How at times the world just jokes.

~”Ha ha” from now I’ll say; I won’t wait and I won’t pray.

Felt good!

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