A Converlogue

-Hey! I miss U big time sweetie, how are you?

-Perfect!! but god I missed you too. what’ve you been up to?

-I know!! It’s just been so long; Can U believe it? almost 5 years!! that’s a lifetime U know!

-tell me about it, you’ve changed so much. oh and I can tell you’ve been working out. remember? you were always concerned with your looks and body?

-huh! yea I was crazy!! not that I’m not now but at that time I was REAL crazy. U look great too!

-Did I say you looked good? I just said that you’ve changed!! huh I’m kidding sweetie you look absolutely perfect.

-well, ‘thanks’ I guess!! and you, baby look hotter than ever…you know your looks have changed but I still can easily see that fun mad crazy girl I used to be with all the time…

-oh really? cause for the last couple of years I’ve been trying to get rid of her somehow!

-What! are you nuts? why would you wanna change her the tiniest bit!!!? she’s phenomenal, sweet and lovely!!

-well not everyone’s crazy like you to see her like that. people want you for other things!

-and can you explain exactly what gives them the fucking right to get whatever they want?

-do we not have the right to get “whatever” we want?

-well yea, but…


-you know I’ve always believed that you of all people deserve the best in life but I never got why you always underestimated your amazing self.

-god you’ve changed!! I mean you always were a bit geeky but I thought that was just a phase.

-come on, isn’t my geekiness the reason that I’m loved by many?

-yea that’s what makes you kinda different I guess.

-“Different”; the thing I’ve always been told I am and have learnt to live with but still doesn’t sound familiar in my head…before i used to justify myself by saying :well it’s cool I’m different but only now do I totally grasp the meaning beneath it; loneliness, bitterness.

-when the hell did you get so frigging philosophical and you’re not lonely!!!

-trust me you don’t know shit about me.

-yea, and you on the other hand know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE Mr. know-it-all!!

-I didn’t say that!

-you don’t have to say EVERYTHING you know! why do you think that you should express whatever’s in your mind through words or else no one understands it!? other people have brains you know!! they think…they can understand too.

-I don’t even know what to say to that…after all this time look what we’re talking about.

-well guess who lead us to it…yea that’s right! it was you!

-I love you.


-I said I love you; always have…just never got the right moment to say it. I love you; more than anything in this world. I wanna be with you every second of every day. I want you so bad.


-well what? tell me!! tell me you’ve felt the same the whole time. tell me you love me cause I know you do. tell me!

and it was at that moment that he opened his eyes. he found himself in his bed all wrapped up in the sweaty sheet, panting heavily. yes; it was but a dream and not for the first time. but it was so real this time that even while dreaming he didn’t realize it was only a dream. it was so close, so near…perhaps next time it’ll work.

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