The Changing Breeze

It’s funny how a simple matter-of-fact chat with a not-so-special friend can literally turn your world upside down, huh? I mean all the assumptions and made-up theories you have in mind are turned into fragments of your imagination in a moment and then you realize that’s what they have been all this time; Fragments of your imagination! Cause that’s just the way we’ve learnt to live: See, Assume ,Live on it! and in most cases it simply works almost perfectly but that’s what I’d like to call ignorance…denial if you will! well of course it is safe but the question is: am I really looking for “safe” at this point?

And then there are other people…those around you…some friends, some “just people”, some so-called best friends but in the end they’re just like you in the most different way…you think you’ll never know them or that there’s not even that much to know but you don’t see the fact that they are having the same goddamn issues! you may make sophisticated creatures out of them but is that what they really are or is it again that you just prefer it this way…you seek complication…

So then what’s the case with Lovers you ask. again imagination? sophistication? complication?

“Maybe” I’ll say…but at least there’s this connection…this spark…this magnetism that brings this beautiful Simplicity to the chaos.

Now defending love I’m not! but who are we kidding…it does shed some light on the dark spots and THAT I’d like to call HOPE.

Oh Look!

I think… I’m gonna… Again…See, Assume, Live on it!

It works well for now.

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