Last time I checked U were still there and I don’t mean just some kind of materialistic presence i mean BEING there as the BEING i’ve grown to adore and cherish.but something happened the other day that simply revolved my world; someone made a decision out of…out of…well I shall ask them some time,and they obviously didn’t think the consequences through that much and even though I too was enjoying-if only a tad bit-at the time,I knew the outcome would not be just as flattering.

Anyways…days have passed and we have gone our separate ways,yet we haven’t separated.They’re still here,walking,talking as if nothing has ever happened but the “I” in me knows better…Oh yeah the “I” in me has grown more than i would’ve ever dreamt of; yet the “Me”ness of I doesn’t let me go.and all these “EYEs” are trying to somehow sabotage the “I”ness and “Me”ness of Me & I…if you feel like you’re kinda losing me don’t worry; you’re getting to feel and touch only one millionth of the struggle i’m going through every day.

Now, Juxtaposition I like…cuz from what I’ve learnt so far clarity either doesn’t exist or you just have to be simply the luckiest person alive to be given a glimpse of it…
Chaos I adore…cuz it gives me pleasure in its own chaotic way.

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