Beneath Our Eyes



The mountains look upon us
On this very dreary day

I have just returned from Mars
My soul still in pieces

The peaks in many layers
Taking glances, very still

They know our very secret
Every secret we have hid

The sun is just a moment
That does linger while it shines

It shines beneath your look
A look of null; a look of awe

I try with all my being
Holding in what needs depart

An ache of misery redundant
A trace of life, but so defiant

The solar of your eyes
Meets the mars beneath my glimpse

The tears of every sorrow
That I’ve shed forever more

It’s the mystery of tears;
Of fears, of fading hope

It’s pain beyond the stars
That has gathered in one soul

You look at me; I stare
No longer do I feign

A burst of something rare
A bliss that comes from love

We cry, we shed; we look
We can no longer delude

You’re silent, very still
So very fragile and spare

I brush away my tears
I look this pain away

To the mountains very far
To the cosmos far above

You keep looking, seeking more
Of this realness of a sight

You’ve no words though to describe
This moment of your life

You lay silently-
To die?
© Sina Saberi – 2 November 2014




Is it you or is it you?
Oh it’s you, It’s you, it’s you!

It’s you who’s been still;
Soundless, hushed, serene!

It’s you who’s ever looked,
Who has noiselessly devoured.

It’s you who’s been in hiding-
Ever hiding something in.

It’s you who’s waited on;
I’ve been moving, will have gone…

The tales of passing by
Forgetting none, forgiving all.

That has never changed;
Even though have I. Have I?

Looks that pierce the heart,
Tremble soul as well as…Aaargh!

I need roar and bawl and clamor!
I shall scream away this torment-
And go BANG!

You think of you as mirrors,
Sunlit fields of golden glow?
Oh you fool!

You think of me as shattered glass,
Beneath your heels of “oh so sure”?
We know naught, oh no we don’t!

Just look at me!
Yes this is me;
I’m screaming off this hurt.

Just hear me bleed,
My blood is red.
And I’ve bled out, though I bleed.

It curdles and it pains!
Oh fuck you comfort zone!
Do let me go!

I need travel to another-
Land of ‘I don’t know’
This I’ve lived forever more.

I hear myself in awe.
I’m in pain, in ache! There’s more?!

Can I fly away the tears?
Do I saunter to your arms?
Is it not time?

Would I shed a few more drops?
Or clip my wings?
Or gouge my eyes!

But I’m not blind!
I’ve just dried up and can’t fly;
Believe me, that is all.


© Sina Saberi – 11 October 2014

Little Hiding Place



Last night at this party
I met someone just like you;
So deluded and confused,
A reminiscent of mysteries untold.

The kind of person-
Whose eyes do look at you
But whose self-
Just looks away.

Their look-
Does find you there
But your look-
Just makes them fade.

The kind of contact-
That’s momentous;
As if the rain.
It rains and then it stops.

Just like I would do with you,
Although not any longer!
I let them look;
For as long as they desired.

I made them smile-
And say those words;
Which I found-
Hard to believe.

But I believed,
I let me feel them,
The truth behind their eyes;
If only for a moment.

It felt good,
Just like with you,
Just like a dream
To which you cling, oh regardless!

The moments they deprive,
Are not mine to be desired.
The feeling that they keep,
Is only pain for souls that hide!

I am regardless of their pain
And yet I feel it, ‘tis insane!
I am not to be desired-
By souls of many lies.

And so I go into my hiding
I go into my hiding
And I hide.
© Sina Saberi – 27 August 2014

La Magia



There’s this magic that I feel
Through the moments that I breathe

There’s this music which I hear
So euphoric and still

Feels like kisses in the rain
Sunlit moments of no pain

I’m there and I’m not here
So connected yet I feel

To that which I have been
To that which I have lived

This solitude of dreams
This reality of myths

Which I’ve lived
Which I have breathed

What I long for is a moment
That’s eternal, that just is

The little prince, the boy that feels
The boy that stands out and believes

You fade for me one moment
Yet you lingers as you are

Someone else, somebody far
Yet it’s closeness that exists

Constant struggles of a lifetime
Numerous hassles that beseech

Do it not, no do it not!
But then do it, do it now!

No don’t do it, do it not!
I’m done with all that does us doom.

I’m done with daring which has drained
All this heart of mine beheld

Through millennia at end
All this time, I only fade

To me you’re just a friend
Endless melodies on end

All you were was cautious kisses
Random glimpse of here and there

And your lips were but the answer
To the lack of that which reigned

I’m filled with tears and with death
Every breath does suffocate and ache

You want to leave it all behind
To break free and yet, you can?

You taught me about pains of feeling love
And then you left me and you died?

You are never ever there!
Nonexistence of a presence

Disappearance of a soul
Of sensations which prevail

Fading shreds, of light
Of hope and sweetness of abyss

It’s a bliss beyond my thoughts
And yet I feel what I can feel

If only for a moment…
I’ve been happy, I have been!

To the realm of living dreams
I take flight.

In this land of dozen doubts
You see, I have never ever lived.


© Sina Saberi – 26 July 2014

Tree Half



I’m lost for words
The thunder speaks
Does roar the storm-
This very moment.

It’s me I face amongst the winds
People fade for moments, plenty
They are gone.

Come take me,
Make me vanish-
Into nothingness and more.

Take me with you
To the realm of no return.
I need vanquish;
This I know.

This moment I have ached-
For lives, for lies relentless;
Empty lies right to my eyes.

Take me from this-
Timelessness of mine,
To the land of ever-been.

I am yours, I’m to be taken;
By your hands-
Upon my wings.

I cannot roar-
Nor can I growl
Would you do so in my stead?

I am scared to be destroyed
To be diminished,
And devoured.

Could you be instead my claws?
My awe on end, my awe!
My venom and my bile?

I need to die;
Will you kill me?
Give me life?

I am ill of what I’ve known,
Will you take me to my home?

I beseech thee, I implore.
If any power you possess,
On you bestowed by all the gods,
Do make it shown.

Make it known.
Have me believe it:
That you can!

I feel all.
Maybe I am-
What I am not.


© Sina Saberi – 29 June 2014





Sometimes you are scared, not appreciated. Sometimes you are not wanted. Yes you are unwanted. And you simply don’t know why.

Maybe they don’t know why either. Maybe they are uncertain as well. Do you ever explain about why you do and why you don’t? Well, do you or do you not?

Some have called this Karma. Whatever you want to call it, you won’t be able to deny the meticulous presence that is ‘action and reaction’.

For sure, they have their reasons for not wanting you, for pushing you aside, for disregarding you.

But it shouldn’t in any way matter to you; this is not your concern. Their reasons are regardless of your feeling of self-worth and of you, also.

You are free to un-want me, just as I have the right to leave you on your own. We are separate; it’s deliberate every action that we take. It’s called a choice.

When I’m me, this I forget and when I’m you, then I’m gone. Then I ache and feel pain; because it’s me for which I yearn.


This is what ‘Movement’ taught me.


© Sina Saberi – 23 June 2014





You will leave, when it’s time.
Not a single second soon.

You will see what you will see.
Not a single scene left out.

You will be with whom you will.
Not a single soul would fade.

It’s a story that’s been told-
Upon centuries on end.

It’s been written someplace else-
Where we’ve never ever known.

It’s a telos, so-called fate!
Something doubt cannot attain.

Can you see beyond the seas?
Can you capture something true?

The ocean’s draught; the fire’s cold-
Is that something you could feel?

The weaves of thunder, silent waves-
Are they things you can behold?

A naked soul, a loving heart-
Would you leave right at the door?

If you knew it were tomorrow-
Would you leave it all aside?

That which pained your every second;
That which tore apart your hope?

Would you smile upon the lies-
That you’ve told, you will have told?

Would you be what you have been-
That you have hidden, have not shown?

Can you breathe upon this breeze-
That is here this very moment?

Can you see that which is present-
This thing that’s to be seen?

Will you be with me this second-
Will you leave right now? It’s time.


© Sina Saberi – 12 May 2014


597364 (2)


An abundance of wishes,
A brilliance of hope,
In fortresses of thought.

At some point I this realized:
I’m lost among the moments,
The blissfulness of kisses-
That yesterdays beheld.

I’m dazed amongst the yous-
That used to be my self;
My selves, the many selves
This I feel I wrote before?

But I also have my secrets
My tales of ‘you don’t know’,
‘you wouldn’t ever know”, as well as-
“You shall never know!”

I’m shadows too,
And darkened dare.
Blatant will.
Scorching burn.

Don’t you see the sparks-
Which glide upon my cheek?
Can you truly not them see?

Let me fade: out and away;
I have lingered here for long.

Let me break: out and apart;
Here I’ve stayed for very long.

This journey needs to travel-
To the land of ever new.

This bundle of days back
Shall be thrown in deepest blue.

The seas shall then revolt;
Outburst and overflow…

They shall thrust into the known;
Make it unknown,
“Have never known”.

And I shall drown into the present;
Which is yet to be discovered,
Ever felt.

It’s me I shall uncover and make known
This Life I need to live;

This breeze I have to breathe.
This freedom I shall fight for-
And set free.


© Sina Saberi – 9 April 2014


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