A concept of Time-
Seasons, Minutes, Now.
Intertwined with Life-
Living: Breathe or die.

New days are on agenda-
Hopeful zeros, ones
And more…
Or maybe less?

‘Tis the season-
That brings outsets;
Joyful glow of-
Living flow.

Tearing torrents,
Fluffy flurries!
Scorching sun-
And wailing wind.

That’s the secret-
Of this chapter;
Why it lingers-
Very short.

No boundaries-
There are;
Except for here-
And short for now.

If you feel it,
You’re alive.
If you’ve failed,
It’s all already gone.

Constant promise-
Of a moment;
Once you look-
And then it flees.

Can you feel it?
Can you not?
Would you break apart-
And cry?

Be the rain-
The washing drizzle?
Be the breeze-
That touches and beholds?

Let me be it;
The promise that was made.
Let me feel it;
All the life I didn’t live.

It’s time-
Of living dreams.
It’s that moment-
We for long have overseen.

Let’s breathe upon-
The breeze that bring us joy.
Let us dare;
And dream away this spring.

Soliloquys to Him



I look at you and I smile
Then I leave you high and dry.

I melt your eyes of gold
Then I leave cause’ I’ve been told.

This cowardice of mine
I’m aware of as you are.

We both know this
Do we not?

And I? I look at you
I feel so much as I look.

I take pleasure in the sight
But then I have to look away…

I want to feel your touch
But you see? It’s just too much.

You do know that,
Do you not?

Your flesh I shall devour,
With you, it won’t suffice!

There is so much we can do
As well as feel, as well as live.

But I won’t, cause’ that’s not me
I am something else, you see?

You’re well aware of that,
Am I not right?

To me, you’re all I ever wanted,
Couldn’t think of something else…

You’re the soul beyond my dreams,
That I’ve longed for, lived to feel.

You’re the answer to my lack,
The presence I’ve held back.

I know you know it;
And you know.

I would love to kiss your lips,
And feel your soul within my arms.

You’re the promise that I wished for
The sacred story I was told

I shall hold you and caress you;
So my cares would fade away.

I simply won’t do it, though;
You see.

I see, I am aware
I know, yes you are right.

We do know it
You and I.


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Restless spirit
To me engaged

Silent kisses
Seeing to it that
I drown.

Passing moments
Never stay there
Only fade.

Countless visions
Taking all that which
Is theirs.

A fading promise
Failing efforts that

Grueling demons
Feeding on
My life.

Are you not?
Do you feel like-
You are gone?

Listless Whispers,
Minutes, Dreams…

Faith in Monsters,
Can you breathe?

Thank You Poets Rally (Week 80)

Week 80 the perfect poet award


Thank you for nominating my poem [] and for the award.

I nominate:

Wish you all joy and awakening.




One dreary lover
You are wounded
And in pain

In your towel
All washed up

I hug you for the comfort
And you say:

Please touch my skin
From underneath

She is watching us

If I do that we can’t stop
I keep caressing you,
Your robe

My eyes now filled
With ache

You hold tighter
As we move

Very gently
In the snow

It’s pain
For lack of love

It’s pleasure Knowing
That you are

If even in a robe
And even though

Your skin
I cannot touch.




You offer wine
But not your kiss
And I’m longing for that bliss.

You look at mine
But not my lips
Oh I’m burning for those lips.

You play with me
This game
There’s no one in who wins.

If you kissed away the look
If my eyes you missed on end
Which gain?

A desire of the eyes
Unaccomplished by us both
What loss!

Some attention for your lips
That might wonder
What’s out there?

Only a kiss?
Oh no it’s not!
It’s desire, that which melts.




How do I love me?
Tell me how!

It’s me that I have sought
For times in every life.

This second person
That I call upon

Is whom indeed?
Some god?

This presence that I seek
Is existent? Ever been?

Where’s the promise
That was made?

Who’s the person
That does care?

I’m helpless and devoured
By the demons of my mind.

It’s blocked, my love for me
Only hatred and demise.

This darkness that I’ve lived through
This dwelling of all doubt

Needs shatter into drops
To daring cries of mindless I.

How can I practice what I preach?
How can I leave myself behind?

It’s time to live, I need to die.
The question is: Can I?



Declutter my mind.
You’re music to my dance.
It’s you who makes me move-
To a song they never sang.

Every troubadour at home,
Sings a story, not been told.
Don’t you dare and make it null-
Their desires, all their hope.

You move beyond the moves,
That I’ve seen, that I have moved.
I’ve seen you, yes I have.
I just know it makes me glad.

Come help me sing,
The burden of this silence-
I cannot take,
It’s time to break.

You tell me that I am-
What I’m not, have never been.
Who I am is who I’ve been?
Or is it not?

A warm hug is all we need
One moment of “not I!”
We’ve lingered there
For long!

Your words…
Scrape away my soul
They burn!
They do corrode.

Your fear of ‘I don’t know’-
Does throw acid
On my face-
And on this fate.

What’s this curse upon your soul?
What’s this lie-
Of “no I’m not!”
Do you not know?

Our love is fading.
The passion’s lost.
It’s not the moment-
To depart.

Don’t you even for a second-
Think I love you any less.
It’s a promise that I made
The day I met your eyes of grey.

I’m lost for words.
I cannot write-
How I feel about this thing.
But I am.

I like your eyes-
Upon the look to you I give.
I like those lips-
That I’ve kissed & I have not.

This distance is okay
With you it’s safe;
Our back and forth,
Fading, finding ways.

Be it winter, prime of spring
Through the cycle’s up and down,
I ever shed, my brimming drops.

Man is always present here;
Every corner of the realm.
Ever breathing, ever feared,
Ever standing, though it hurts.

There’s magic through this verse
Something visceral reversed.
It’s no time now to dilute-
This luxury of touch.

That world beneath our souls,
That epoch which is lost.
Through a century of you,
Through millennia of I.


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