Tree Half



I’m lost for words
The thunder speaks
Does roar the storm-
This very moment.

It’s me I face amongst the winds
People fade for moments, plenty
They are gone.

Come take me,
Make me vanish-
Into nothingness and more.

Take me with you
To the realm of no return.
I need vanquish;
This I know.

This moment I have ached-
For lives, for lies relentless;
Empty lies right to my eyes.

Take me from this-
Timelessness of mine,
To the land of ever-been.

I am yours, I’m to be taken;
By your hands-
Upon my wings.

I cannot roar-
Nor can I growl
Would you do so in my stead?

I am scared to be destroyed
To be diminished,
And devoured.

Could you be instead my claws?
My awe on end, my awe!
My venom and my bile?

I need to die;
Will you kill me?
Give me life?

I am ill of what I’ve known,
Will you take me to my home?

I beseech thee, I implore.
If any power you possess,
On you bestowed by all the gods,
Do make it shown.

Make it known.
Have me believe it:
That you can!

I feel all.
Maybe I am-
What I am not.


© Sina Saberi – 29 June 2014





Sometimes you are scared, not appreciated. Sometimes you are not wanted. Yes you are unwanted. And you simply don’t know why.

Maybe they don’t know why either. Maybe they are uncertain as well. Do you ever explain about why you do and why you don’t? Well, do you or do you not?

Some have called this Karma. Whatever you want to call it, you won’t be able to deny the meticulous presence that is ‘action and reaction’.

For sure, they have their reasons for not wanting you, for pushing you aside, for disregarding you.

But it shouldn’t in any way matter to you; this is not your concern. Their reasons are regardless of your feeling of self-worth and of you, also.

You are free to un-want me, just as I have the right to leave you on your own. We are separate; it’s deliberate every action that we take. It’s called a choice.

When I’m me, this I forget and when I’m you, then I’m gone. Then I ache and feel pain; because it’s me for which I yearn.


This is what ‘Movement’ taught me.


© Sina Saberi – 23 June 2014




You will leave, when it’s time.
Not a single second soon.

You will see what you will see.
Not a single scene left out.

You will be with whom you will.
Not a single soul would fade.

It’s a story that’s been told-
Upon centuries on end.

It’s been written someplace else-
Where we’ve never ever known.

It’s a telos, so-called fate!
Something doubt cannot attain.

Can you see beyond the seas?
Can you capture something true?

The ocean’s draught; the fire’s cold-
Is that something you could feel?

The weaves of thunder, silent waves-
Are they things you can behold?

A naked soul, a loving heart-
Would you leave right at the door?

If you knew it were tomorrow-
Would you leave it all aside?

That which pained your every second;
That which tore apart your hope?

Would you smile upon the lies-
That you’ve told, you will have told?

Would you be what you have been-
That you have hidden, have not shown?

Can you breathe upon this breeze-
That is here this very moment?

Can you see that which is present-
This thing that’s to be seen?

Will you be with me this second-
Will you leave right now? It’s time.


© Sina Saberi – 12 May 2014


597364 (2)


An abundance of wishes,
A brilliance of hope,
In fortresses of thought.

At some point I this realized:
I’m lost among the moments,
The blissfulness of kisses-
That yesterdays beheld.

I’m dazed amongst the yous-
That used to be my self;
My selves, the many selves
This I feel I wrote before?

But I also have my secrets
My tales of ‘you don’t know’,
‘you wouldn’t ever know”, as well as-
“You shall never know!”

I’m shadows too,
And darkened dare.
Blatant will.
Scorching burn.

Don’t you see the sparks-
Which glide upon my cheek?
Can you truly not them see?

Let me fade: out and away;
I have lingered here for long.

Let me break: out and apart;
Here I’ve stayed for very long.

This journey needs to travel-
To the land of ever new.

This bundle of days back
Shall be thrown in deepest blue.

The seas shall then revolt;
Outburst and overflow…

They shall thrust into the known;
Make it unknown,
“Have never known”.

And I shall drown into the present;
Which is yet to be discovered,
Ever felt.

It’s me I shall uncover and make known
This Life I need to live;

This breeze I have to breathe.
This freedom I shall fight for-
And set free.


© Sina Saberi – 9 April 2014

For Me

self_deception_by_xetobyte-d60fh8a (2)


If only were you here today-
I’d sing a song right now.

I’d hold a pen and pen away-
My fears, my tears, my joy.

I’d let them go; my many selves
At one I’ll be with all there is.

Were you here this very moment-
I’d lie and I would say:

Yes, I do lie. And so what?
I do that which I desire.

Not a single soul would dare-
To tell me how to walk.

I would jump & dance & bend
I would stare right to the end.

I would tell you if all I wanted-
Was a look upon my eyes.

You would know it if I needed-
Just one smile upon your eyes.

We would know it you and I-
If belonging were our hearts.

Our souls would be protected-
By a certain someone’s shield.

Our hopes & dreams abundant;
We would live through as we live.

We would say it, utter words-
That we felt we need to say.

We would touch just where we felt-
We needed it the most.

We could do all this and more-
Once we cross each other’s path.

If only present were we now;
If only were we not apart.

But you are me and I am you;
Oh we are seeking vicious circles!

You’re in there and I’m here-
But where have we both been?

Oh if only were you here right now…
I’d sing you songs of plenty

Here’s one though;
Just to make it through the day.


© Sina Saberi – 1 April 2014

One Last Wish



Be my words.
Do make me utter.
I’ve been silent for so long.

No complaints.
Silence is good;
It’s wisdom in disguise.

It’s been very long though,
You see.

Be my tears.
Do shed as I let go.
This draught of dried-up pain;
It has lingered for so long.

No fear of letting go.
It’s good to break apart;
It’s courage. Blatant will.

I might turn into a rock though,
Could I not?

Let me go.
Let me be.
Also take me once you flee.

No hate for being still;
Or any soul or anything.
It’s good to stand alone;
In one place, on your own.

But a mountain, I am not;
Or am I one?

Can I leave this place and be;
What I’ve ever longed to be?
Can I enter world of dreams;
And never be?
Forever free!

Be my silence;
Will you not?


© Sina Saberi – 18 February 2014




چیزی در چشمانم هست –
اسباب دلنگرانی و تشویش و نا آرامی.
نگاهم از اینجا فرا تر نمی رود،
همین اینجا ی نا آشنا،
محصور این غربت می ماند،
همچون من.

چیزی در دل دارم –
نگاهی، دردی از دامان بی پیکر.
عطری از بوی خوش بودن،
که نتوان بود، که نتوان شد،
در این ساحت،
برای من.

کجا ماندم؟ کجا رفتم که همواره –
به هیچستان هنگامم؟
چرا نیستم در این منزل؟
چه نا مسکون و پر دردم.

خیالم چیست؟ گناهم چیست؟
همین روح بر آشفته؟
همین تکرار بی وقفه –
بر آفاق دلی خسته؟

می گویم:
جیزی در چشمانم هست.
پاسخم این است،
که بلکه خاکی، مژه ای –
در آن رفته.
چیزی نیست.


© Sina Saberi – 29 January 2014




Karma is the name of-
This pleasure in the pain
Codex through a crypt is-
All sufficient, no crusade.

So abundant is the rain;
None of gain if none of pain.
Don’t you feign a soul of Light-
If your darkness you don’t love.

It’s perilous and cursed-
What to you does not belong.
Don’t you dare to touch the fruit-
Which is prone to pain of soul.

Your eyes do ever shine when-
Filled with passion, so divine.
Your look does never lie and-
Yet is bound your loving heart.

It’s sufficient, just a smile;
Yes, It’s ample, just your eyes.
I have been there and I am-
And I will be in your arms.

In yet another lifetime,
Other placelessness of times.
In worlds and epochs far-
Beyond this very now!

We have been there, you & I.
We both know who we have been.
We have seen it, felt its warmth;
We have loved, have seen the light.


© Sina Saberi – 24 January 2014




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